Introducing the Coin Collectors Exclusive

Released as part of the Claxton's Exploration Series, the Coin Collectors Exclusives are limited edition bottlings only available to those who have collected Claxton's coins. The Exploration Series is carefully curated to "explore" the whisky regions and the Coin Collectors Exclusive is an extension of each release. 

Each Exploration Series bottle contains a Claxton's Coin, collect five of these coins and, as a thank you from the Claxton's team, you are eligible to buy a Coin Collectors bottle at a greatly reduced rate.


How it works:

- Collect 5 coins from any of the Exploration Series' bottlings.

- Return them to Claxton's using the form below.

- We will get in touch with instructions of how to access your Coin Collectors Exclusive Bottling.

Once you have returned your coins and this has been processed at Claxton's Dalswinton Bond, we will respond with a letter detailing your unique reference code and national importer. 


The Coin Collectors Bottling - Release Three:

21 Year Old, Secret Highland, Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distilled: 29/06/2000
Bottled: 02/02/2022
Region: Highland
Cask: Oloroso Sherry Octave


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