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Claxton's Collection 18 May


UNITED KINGDOM Leicestershire George Hill of Loughborough, Loughborough – Lincolnshire The Lincoln Whisky Shop, Lincoln – Midlands Hard To Find Whiskies, Birmingham – Nottinghamshire Gauntleys of Nottingham, Nottingham – Yorkshire Ake & Humphris, Harrogate – Campbells of Leyburn, Leyburn – The Dram Shop, Sheffield – Drinkswell, Ripon – […]

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terroir 1 May

Whisky Diversity

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is as wonderfully diverse as the terroir in the country it comes from. Every distillery produces its own distinctive style of whisky which is influenced by many things, including the fresh water source used and the environment the whisky is matured in. Each of Scotland’s whisky regions is geographically demarcated. When […]

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